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my career tips  


Yan and Boris host this bi-monthly series.

my career tips is about web 2.0 artist image and communications management.

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the social web and the artist : an overview
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This week, let me share with you a (French speaking) presentation about being a musician in the digital age. Enjoy.

about the art of pitching
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Source: sequin

What about your pitch? In this context it is not the perceived fundamental frequency of a sound, it's the marketing term. Marketers and vendors call this the Unique Sales Proposition, entrepreneurs name it the elevator pitch. It consists in a few words that define you, your music and your uniqueness. A referenced uniqueness.

I said it last week: we're on the wild wild web. Tons of websites, dozens of tracks on beatport and juno, thousands of audioblogs, millions of myspace pages and soundcloud accounts. The competition is fierce. The share of voice is thin. A good pitch might help. It does not do all the work, but it might help.

When you ask artists about the musical style they play, often you get the quite typical "I sound like absolutely nothing you’ve ever heard before" or the even more typical "I don't answer to this question" (I remember Yuksek telling me that during an interview at the Montreux Jazz Festival). Well, if you're Yuksek, it's ok because influential people already wrote about your music and your influences and fellow DJs and producers charted your releases on RA. But if you're beginning in the business, you shouldn't miss any opportunity to spread the word.

Before you can do name dropping, you should give people a context and references. People need it. If they miss it, you miss them.

A good pitch can be a sound basis for personal branding. It'll spice up your biography and your press releases. It'll help you present yourself efficiently to bookers and bloggers. You can also use it on your website, on your myspace account, on your facebook account, etc.

Ariel Hyatt has a technique to write good pitches in no time, here it is :

Take out a clean piece of paper, and write down the following:

1 Write out the type of genres you play. No more than two or three should actually be selected in the end.

2 Write down all the artists that other people say you sound like.

3 Write down a list of all artists (or authors or famous people) that influenced you.

4 Write down all of the feelings and vibes that you want to create or convey with your music

Use these elements as a guideline to help come up with a few words or sentences that sum you up.

Now, go to this website:

Don’t overthink it. Keep it simple and as concise as you can. And most importantly, be proud of it.

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