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DJ ISMASH is Ismaele Gonzato, coming from Switzerland, born in 1981 in Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland in the small but special village of Carona. Ismash has begun playing music since he was child, he always has been interested in percussion and since his child age he was fascinated by all kind of instruments and music. He did 5 years of drumming and studied 4 years in a jazz school and has played for 3 years in a reggae band as a drummer and songwriter.

The passion for electronic music began in 1991 when he went to the UK for three month to an artistic school where he discovered techno music and many other new musical tendencies. Some years later he discovered Drum'n Bass in Amsterdam and became a real fan of that kind of music. It is in the last years that he began to listen to more and more kind of different, electronic or not music.

While the reggae passion has ben there since 1995, thanks to his village's deep roots in jamaican music.

From the year 1997 Ismaele started organizing little parties in the nature with friends, in the years 2002, 2003 and 2004 he helped the Space Connection Crew organizing the historical psy trance party in the Castle of Mesocco, in the year 2005 after some successful parties organized with friends from Carona, he founded with his friend Olmo the SKS Crew and made some of the best parties in the south of Switzerland, among others the Save the Freaks! Party in 2006. In the year 2007 the SKS Crew changed into the Freak Time Production Collective who organized Save the Freaks! II edition with more then 1700 people coming & Cosmic Birthday and 2500 at Save the Freaks 3.

Actually Ismaele Gonzato has finished the Audio Technician at CFMS, the Swiss Federal School, has worked for the Swiss Radio of italian language, and actually working for the Radio et Television Suisse ( RTS), he is more oriented in his Dj project or collaboration with other musicians, and of course is continuing organising and promoting parties.

Today DJ ISMASH plays especially Reggae & ragga, Dubstep, Dub, Jungle, Electro, Urban music & UK Bashement Sound

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created 14 jan 2013

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